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Green Planet Rising | May 19, 2024

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Vegan Food in Guanajuato, Mexico

Vegan Food in Guanajuato, Mexico

1.Uli Uli Poke Bowls

This small family-owned to-go food stand is probably your healthiest choice in Guanajuato. They offer various types of bowls, one of which is all vegan called the Veggie Bowl costing only 100 pesos. You can also build your own bowl and if you bring back your container they will give you 5 pesos off your order. They use fresh ingredients and even offer cauliflower rice for those avoiding grains.

2.Guanajuatito Restaurante

Another family owned vegetarian restaurant located inside a small plaza offering traditional Mexican dishes veganized to perfection. They offer tacos, enchiladas, enmoladas, pozole (a Mexican traditional soup), sandwiches, a varied daily menu, and even desserts. I highly recommend the enmolada dish which consists of the incredible cacau based mole sauce. Most dishes are made with soy based “meat” but you can ask to substitute with mushrooms and they will gladly comply when possible.


The only all-vegan restaurant in Guanajuato offering Middle Eastern cuisine along with some coffee and tea options including vegan chai. Habibti is famous for its pita sandwiches which can consist of hummus, falafel, tabouleh, and more. Their lentil soup and chocolate chip cookies are also worth a try!

4.La Esquinita

They offer the best vegan taco option in Guanajuato although you can ask for gorditas, burritos, sopes, and more. I recommend their mushroom filling for a healthier choice but their bistec soya “meat” is one of their most popular flavors. When dining in they’ll bring out 4 different types of salsas which range from spicy to extra spicy, depending on how many people are there, the tacos can take up to 5-8 mins to come out so if you are in a rush consider calling ahead.

5. Santo Cafe

Santo is one of the most touristy restaurants in Guanajuato due to its location on the bridge. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are a tourist hot spot, they pride themselves on making tasty food and offer a handful of vegan options. If you arrive early enough you can get a spot outside on the bridge to people-watch and enjoy the views of Guanajuato’s beautiful architecture. I recommend trying their enchiladas and chilaquiles!

6. Bahn Mi

This vietnamese place offers authentic vegan friendly asian cuisine at a very fair price. Although their ramen and pho aren’t vegan due to the beef-based broth they use, their curry and noodle dishes can be made with tofu! If you like spicy food, try their drunken noodles! For a healthy fresh option ask for their vietnamese rolls! When you arrive look for the table that faces the street so you can watch people stroll by.

7.Coastal Cultura Cafeteria

This restaurant is one of two high-end restaurants on this list located in a beautiful 3 story colonial house. Although the menu may not seem vegan-friendly, there are a few modifications that can be done to accommodate you. The delicious aztec soup can be made without cream, the greek salad can be made without cheese, the same for the beet salad and for a main dish, you can ask them to veganise their huitlacoche pasta dish. They also offer coffee, smoothies, and delicious cocktails! Sit on the balcony to enjoy the views of Guanajuato. Bonus tip: If not in use, you can ask to take your drink and go up to the terrace for an incredible view of the city.

8.Cafe El Conquistador

El Conquistador is one of the best coffee shops in Guanajuato and they offer an all-vegan food menu consisting of chilaquiles, fruit salad, green salad, and sandwiches. I’ve tried their hamburger but was a bit disappointed with all the processed ingredients they used. Their fruit plate and smoothie bowl is okay, don’t expect gourmet offerings here. They do offer a very tasty protein ball that goes along really well with a cup of coffee.  If you want to sit and enjoy they vibe I recommend going to the Alonso location.

9. Las Vieiras Restaurante

Located inside Casa Del Rector. This restaurant offers one of the best outdoor ambiences in Guanajuato! Another upscale restaurant on this list, Las Vieiras offers 2 vegan options, the cauliflower entree and a brussel sprouts appetizer. The cauliflower dish is steamed and is quite a large meal, the flavour could be improved if they considered grilling it, but it comes accompanied by a delicious sauce for dipping. Bonus tip: Before or after your meal, head out for a sunset view at their Sky Bar. The cocktails are delicious!

10. Al Mashrek

This tiny restaurant offers authentic Lebanese food in the Presa De La Olla neighborhood. Although many of their dishes have meat, including their stuffed grape leaf, you can still order their hummus, tabouleh, falafel, and pita bread. Grab a table outside under the tree to watch people walk by, Tip:  try not to go during rush hour since the tables are very near the main road that leads into the city center.

11. Biga Pan Artesanal

This bakery and gourmet shop, also located in the Presa De La Olla neighborhood, offers a weekly sourdough bread menu, seasoned olives, vegan yogurts, and other refrigerated drinks. For those living in Guanajuato, there is now an opportunity to buy organic greens from Shambala Organic, one of their partner farms.

12.La Guayaba y La Tostada

Located on the 2nd floor inside Dada Bar y Terraza, this small restaurant offers delicious vegan tostadas. Most of their pulque is vegan but quite sweet! The best part is that you can go up to the terrace and order off their menu while enjoying the views of Guanajuato.

13. Delica Mitsu

This authentic Japanese restaurant has 2 locations in the center of Guanajuato. The Camparero location has more of a restaurant vibe compared to the latter, it’s also open later for dinner. They offer tofu rice bowls, miso soup, salads, a fresh spring roll, fried rice balls, sushi, and sake!

14. Tamales & Samosas Street Food

This veggie stand is located in front of Templo Metodista La Santísima Trinidad and across the street from Banh Mi restaurante. They are usually only out from 12pm to 6pm on the weekends and in the holiday season. There’s a vegan tamale stuffed with nopal, vegan samosa, and a vegan muffin! They sometimes have chai but it contains dairy. Bonus: The owner organizes bi-weekly hikes in the region, there is a big focus on meditation and spirituality, just to warn you.

15.Gorditas Street Food

This stand is located on De La Cabecita street in the Baratillo plaza, the map location is an estimated address. They are usually there from early in the morning until about 2 pm-3 pm. They have many vegan fillings including potatoes, nopal, mushrooms, salsa, and chickpeas. Go early to catch the mushrooms because they seem to run out.

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